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The Guardian

Being a guardian home for one of our goldendoodles can be an excellent and affordable way to have a well-bred top quality dog for your family. We believe that all dogs have the right to a family that loves them and will treat them as a member of the family. Our guardianship program or as others like to call it, joint custody, is the best possible situation for one of our dogs.


real talk:

We have found that we can only give adequate love, attention and training to a maximum of three dogs that currently live permanently in our home.

With this in mind, we like to place the pick of the litter babies in forever homes with the right family while Wonderland Goldendoodles retain breeding rights. This means the dog will stay in your home as your family dog. Wonderland pays for all health testing, and all breeding expenses. The dog’s everyday expenses are paid for by the host family. At the appropriate time (when a female is in heat, or we need your male to breed to a female), your dog will come back to Wonderland for breeding and then again for whelping. Some families actually want to participate in the birthing and raising of pups in their home, which is not an option at this time. 

However, you may schedule visits with the mom and puppies while we raise them. 

When breeding obligations are complete, usually 3 to 5 years after the dog matures, you agree to spay or neuter your dog. It then returns to your wonderful home where he/she has lived since puppyhood. Each female will be bred two to five times during a two to five year period, at the breeder's discretion. He/She will be boarded at Wonderland during her heat cycle and whelping. Males may be needed for several more years, but will only need to be away from their families a few days at a time.

The guardian family must agree to contact us, Wonderland Goldendoodles, specifically Tyler Whitmire or Alexandra Bwye if they plan to vacation or transport the dog more than 100 miles from Wonderland for any length of time exceeding two weeks.  

If it is determined that the dog is not needed for our breeding program when he or she comes of age, the contract is dissolved and they become yours.  

At any time, we, Wonderland Goldendoodles, specifically Tyler Whitmire or Alexandra Bwye feel that the terms of the contract are not being met by the guardianship family, such as not informing us of her heat or relinquishing the dog when requested, we retain the right to take possession of the dog.      

If you are interested, please fill out an application for a puppy, and then call us to arrange a time to talk about the details. 



How It Works


You apply, and get approved! You receive your dog when she's ready, and raise her well. You take her to vet check ups and we cover her care.


When she comes into heat at 2 years old, you let us know and we will see if she's ready to breed. If so, we engage her with either Griffin or Odin for 2-3 days.


When she's ready to give birth (roughly 63 days after mating), we bring her over to our home and await her puppies, You can visit her every week! She goes home with you the day her puppies go home at 8 weeks old. 

Is This Right For You?

You want a goldendoodle!

You live in or around Eugene, ORegon

You are alright with us breeding the dog 4 times 

You're alright with the dog coming to our place for 8 weeks

You are relieved by not having to pay for your dog or her Veterinary care for the entire breeding time!

is that a yes?

Send us a message!

Not everyone is a good fit for guardianship. If you would like to chat with us about whether you're a good fit, send us a message!



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